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Nada Surf Während Nada Surf diese Woche ihre Kurztour durch Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz absolvieren, rücken in den USA die Präsedentschaftswahlen immer näher. Bands wie Ministry oder Bad Religion machen sich für Organisationen wie "" stark, und Nada Surfs Matthew Caws unterstützt "". erklärte er unlängst, warum ihm die Organisation so am Herzen liegt:

"I'd like to take the opportunity to talk about
something else. There's a organization here called who are doing a great job trying to organize opposition to George Bush. I'm not a fan of politically dramatic TV commercials, because I think politics are much more serious than that and also that it's dangerous to portray them in a way that can make voters think in ways that relate to Hollywood instead of in ways that relate to reality. But because the Bush campaign uses television so much, are making commercials as well, and so far they have been
effective. They suggested last week that people put on bake sales to raise money for the Kerry campaign and for moveon's work. In just days, 1000 bake sales sprang up across the country. My ex-girlfriend and I organized one and
raised $1100 and registered 50 voters. It might all seem like a drop in the bucket, but please know that we are trying and that there is finally some energy in the air, and it's really important to capture it and direct towards getting bush out of the white house. This country obviously has
miles to go in terms of making its policies progressive, constructive and fair, but getting this administration out is the crucial first step. If you have relatives or friends or aquaintances in the US, please encourage them to be active. We could learn a lot from Europe."

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