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Strung Out Wer einer engagierten Punkrock-Band helfen möchte, liest bitte diesen Hilferuf von Strung Out:

Hello everyone, well as most of you all know, Los Angeles Ca. has experienced a heavy duty dose of torrential rains that have done a lot of damage all over the state. Unfortunatly the rains ended up having a big effect on our band as well. All the water basically destroyed our rehearsal studio. First the place flooded out and all the carpet was ruined.

Then the rains got even worse and the roof developed some serious leaks which lead t all the drywall on the ceiling getting soaked and collapseing. It fell all over our equipment, couches, pictures, etc.... so ya. We are at a loss. We have practiced in the same place for 8 years or so and not having our studio is strange. The only other place we use to practice was, at Jim Cherry's (R.I.P.) dads carpet store "The Carpet Coop" back in the day. So anyhow, we where left with no choice but to rebuild the whole place and we are finding ourselves financialy strapped with this expensive project right now.

So we thought we would try sending out an email to everyone to see if we could get you all to donate $1.00 to us to help with the rebuilding of our studio. The cost of rebuilding has almost doubled what we planned on spending, as we are learning thats how construction projects tend to pan out.

Anyhow, we figured that we have so many dedicated fans that we would see if we could get this small donation from each of you. If we do, we will be able to have our practice studio back in actionin no time at all and for what its worth, everyone that donated could have the satisfaction of knowing that they helped us out in a big way. If your down to help, thanks in advance, if you cant or dont want to do this.. .we of course fully understand.

Love Strung Out

Send $1.00 donation to:
Strung Out Po Box 4963 West Hills, Ca. 91308


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