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Stereophonics Die Stereophonics haben sich von ihrem Schlagzeuger Stuart Cable getrennt! Seit dem 2001er Album "Just Enough Education To Perform" scheint es bereits zwischen Kelly Jones, Richard Jones und Stuart Cable gekriselt zu haben, was die Band als "commitment issues" bezeichnet. Für die anstehenden Tourdaten (u.a. im Oktober auch in Deutschland) wird Steve Gorman, ehemaliger Schlagzeuger der Black Crowes, Cables Platz einnehmen.

Auf der Band-Website gibt es folgendes Statement von Kelly Jones über Stuarts Ausstieg zu lesen:

"Me and Stuart started a band when I was 12. Emotionally to me this is heartbreaking. I love him like a brother, but commitment wise there have been issues since 'Just Enough Education to Perform'. We've tried resolving them but things stayed the same. Myself and Richard miss Stuart already, a band is like a gang and a lot of time he simply wasn't there, although it was our fault to allow this situation to develop in the first place. No one will be replacing Stuart as a band member, Stuart is irreplaceable, but Steve Gorman will continue to sit in on drums for the upcoming shows. No one member of the band is bigger than our songs. It's a rock and roll band and the upcoming shows will be rocking."

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